Corporate performance improvement, organizational development consulting

Organizational development consulting - complex solution for the corporation

Corporate performance improvement - our Consulting Office can create value for its client firms at this pronounced field approaching human resource development as an economic activity: what is the invested resources' rate of return, extent of contribution to the corporation's performance development, where can it be demonstrated in the profit. Based on this survey of initial situation, and then re-measuring the results are important elements of our development proposal made during performance improvement.

Our complex organizational development consultation service provides the following solutions:


This software is an excellent instrument of corporate performance improvement. Its different modules enable for example to being able to follow changes in the workers' ability and knowledge, facilitate succession planning, organizing job descriptions or work resource planning.


Making job reorganization and job termination more effective are all part of performance improvement, furthermore the software provides effective means in case of possible redundancy whether the existing number can perform the tasks.


It is part of organizational development consulting as well, assisting communication within the corporation. Highlights the breaking-points and setting of optimal activity level is accomplishable with it.

Corporate performance diagnostics and improvement

Within an expert cooperation we examine the processes and systems operating currently in our Partner's corporation , and then we make a proposal for efficiency improvement.

Individual performance diagnostics and improvement

The base of corporate performance improvement is the improvement of individual performances. It includes many items from managers' to sales persons' training.