Corporate performance improvement, corporate process control

Corporate performance improvement by corporate process control To this end Ben & Loch Lomond International Consulting Inc. together with experts of the particular field and in particular experts of the Partner corporation audits the existing processes and system. Based on this it can make a proposal for those development, for introduction of more effective processes. Achieving corporate performance improvement means harmonization of more factors and the process control takes place with comprehensive attention. Beside revision of operation's processes, we examine corporate culture, employee satisfaction, corporate values and objectives and those synergy.

Our office has gained experience in the following fields:


The corporation's labour market perception
Staff members - satisfaction survey
Internal process audit
Internal communication audit
Job descriptions audit
Job evaluation system audit
Performance evaluation system audit
Career management audit
Employer branding
Elaboration of corporate values
Creation of performance evaluation system
Preparation of incentive system
Establishment of internal communication plan
Preparation of job descriptions/introduction of job evaluation
Elaboration of career management
Elaboration and arrangement of culture shift preparation program
Elaboration of corporate training plan
Elaboration and arrangement of programs strengthening loyalty
Elaboration and arrangement of concept/programs improving sales efficiency
Employment support: team and group coaching
Labour law advice
Development of CRM systems