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Attila Kelemen Executive Strategy Coach

His motto: Knowingly, disciplined, humanely.

Attila has gained domestic and international experience (in English and German language areas) and leadership background at multinational company. Currently he develops and leads the international consultancy office owned by him.

He has supported strategy formulation and implementation of many large enterprises and SMEs in the past 15 years. He has a senior manager, company manager, business consultant, marketing, economic mediation and supervision based coaching background. He uses his experience to support conscious planning of the companies and for personal coaching of the leaders. During his tasks he thinks as a company manager and a consultant at the same time and so he can be the supportive partner of top managers.

He is committed to sustainable economical development.

Attila PolgárSenior Leadership Development Expert

Attila was engaged in competitive sports during his education. He had been playing basketball for 12 years in the given age groups of Hungarian leading championships. After receiving his degree he had begun to work for a commercial business. He had come up through the classic ranks there, had been territorial salesperson and national product manager. He has continued his path at the largest training and consultancy company of Middle East Europe, where he had begun as a second generation trainer and after seniority he used to be responsible for training management. He has managed 20 co-workers at operative level. He manages his own consultancy and training company since 2008, he is strategic partner of Ben & Loch Lomond Inc. Attila has managed one of the biggest network training series yet in Hungary involving 2800 colleagues at OTP Bank Inc. He is the developer of the DDI methodology that can be applied as the most up-to-date and most effective skill development methodology.

Mónika Domonkos Role Model Coach

Her motto: Listen. Listen. Support competently.

Mónika has gained domestic and international experience (in English and German language areas) and leadership background. She uses her expertise for a more conscious, better understanding of human behavior and so to develop self-knowledge and interpersonal relationships. She is the developer and expert of the Role Model Coaching (RMC) methodology. She has a background of personal typology and supervision based coaching. She is committed to social responsibility.

Katalin PipiczSenior Organizational Diagnostician and Leadership Development Expert

Her motto: For the Partner as professional and as man.

Kata was requested by more than 50 multinational companies (PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nokia, Panasonic, Ringier, Panasonic, ....), as well as SMEs for the development of their colleagues.

She has graduated from psychology at ELTE and has chosen the department of work and organizational psychology at BME as postgradual education. She applies both her psychological and corporate knowledge to handle complex situations. The basis of her operation is her strong solution orientation and creativity. Her partners like her for preparedness, flexibility and humanity. She took her first degree of logopaedia, so beside communication topics she also masters at speech technique, public speech in the field of training.

Along these her primary area of expertise is the planning, implementing of Development/Assessment Centers and the elaboration of training plans. Many references certify her activities in connection with performance evaluation and the planning and implementation of organizational development processes tailored to the company.

dr Hajnalka HadrikSenior Leadership Development Expert

Her motto: To be the best, fairly.

Based on her more than 10 years of consultancy and training experience acquired at Hungarian and international business Hajni primarily deals with organizational rationalization of multinational companies, implementation and managing of mentoring programmes and leadership development. The basis of her consultancy work is her HR management experience and knowledge of labor laws and regulations which she combines with personal typology and coaching techniques to respond even more effectively to current market demands. Her comprehensive knowledge of the international market helps her to manage solution-driven development programmes for foreign subsidiaries of companies that are present in more countries.


Ben & Loch Lomond International Consulting Inc. is a management consultancy office working along values and value creation.

Our mission is to build a manageable and leadable company structure together with our Partners that is prepared for the predictable uncertain economic environment while we realize both the owners’ and colleagues’ expectations.


Our vision is that our consultancy office will work as a determinant and inspirational knowledge center of management consultancy.

All these we want to reach by respecting the traditions and by continuous innovative activities.


In our work we respect the commitment to highest quality, discipline, delivering results, performance recognition.

We continuously examine the economical, sociological and technological environment, detect changes, collect, record, analyze, process information, and then adapt the results, we introduce innovative methods that are reviewed and matched to the needs of our partners.

Expertise, wisdom
Our expertise is based on the ongoing development of new, complex knowledge base, which is delivered by prominents to our partners and the HR profession. We provide our clients a mature knowledge.

Our work is always characterized by thoughtful and caring attitude where we understand and feel the organization behind our partners with all its strength and areas to improve. Co-operation with a credible, objective reflection is what we provide to our partners.