Our references

"With a few years of managerial experience behind me, I have recently faced new leadership challenges: change management, elaborating a new strategy, restructuring, people focused management, and increasing team performance at section level. Currently I am leading a successful, dynamic and motivated team thanks to Attila Kelemen’s professional and completely individualized value based executive coaching support that emphasised the importance of credibility. My superiors, my colleagues and my team members appreciate the positive change regarding both my leadership style and work atmosphere. Based on the Anglo-Saxon model, with Attila's help I have not only built up my leadership style (Lead as a Coach) during the coaching process, but also my self-recognition has significantly developed that is the basis of any leader's credibility and stability."

Dr Dora Kulauzov
UK Trade & Investment
British Embassy Budapest


"Our old-established company with long tradition has become a strong economic operator employing 2500 workers in the last years. This process has involved many changes to all of us. The experts of BLLOMOND have helped us to set up a modern, effective organization and to prepare our leaders to manage it. As a strategic partner we could continuously count on their professional support."

Ferenc Lajkó
Deputy CEO
Waberer's International Inc.